Blepharoplasty - Top Eyelid Surgeon, Dr. James R. Gordon

Morning. Today we're gonna be performing an upper blepharoplasty. You can look right at the camera. There's a little loose skin over here. A little bit over here. Patient complains that she can't really apply the makeup too well anymore. You have to be careful in this situation because she also has loss of from the upper lids as well. If you take too much skin, it will look hollowed out and it won't look nice. I'm going to do the procedure and just take a little bit of skin without really moving much fat because she's already lost fine. All right. You ready? I'm ready. We just finished the upper blepharoplasty. How are you feeling. I'm feeling fine. Very good. You look great. You're gonna swell up a little bit more and then we'll take out the stitches in a week. All right? Okay. See you then. All right.