How much does cosmetic eyelid surgery cost?

The total cost of surgery depends on how much work will need to be done and how many eyelids will be operated on. Typically, the surgery itself runs between $3,000 - $5,000, plus an additional facility fee for use of the operating room.

How long is eyelid surgery recovery?

Bruising typically lasts for 1 week following surgery, but swelling lasts somewhat longer. Makeup can usually hide the signs of surgery at 1 week. Most patients look great at about 2 weeks. The downtime can be greatly diminished by the surgeon paying careful attention to stop the bleeding well. Patients are encouraged to use cold packs the first 3 days and sleep with their head elevated for 5 nights in order to decrease bruising and swelling.

What are some cosmetic eyelid surgery complications? How much does cosmetic eyelid surgery cost?

One of the most critical milestones of cosmetic eyelid surgery is the doctor’s decision of where to place the pre-surgical marks on the skin. This determines where the incisions will be made. It requires an expert, experienced and artistic eye to ensure a pleasing result. If too much skin is removed, a disastrous appearance may result. The eyelids will look unnatural and may not be able to close well resulting in dry eyes or eyelids that roll outward. Oculoplastic surgeons are best trained in handling these complications and are particularly meticulous in avoiding such problems when they perform cosmetic eyelid procedures.

Is eyelid surgery covered by Insurance?

Upper eyelid surgery may be covered by insurance if the eyelid is obstructing vision. However, lower eyelid surgery is almost never covered. You will need to check with your doctor if he has a visual field machine, which can determine if there is potential for insurance coverage.

What does eyelid surgery aftercare entail?

Applying cold compresses following eyelid surgery can help to diminish bruising and swelling. In addition, tenderness after surgery is greatly reduced by cold compresses, so most patients require no pain medicine. Sleeping with an elevated head (pillows or lazy chair) will decrease swelling as well. Some physicians and patients believe in products made with Arnica will lessen bruising and swelling. I offer Arnica to patients as an additional option in post-surgical care.

Can I get eyelid surgery on one?

Yes. Many patients only require one eyelid to be operated on or sometimes much less surgery to be performed on one lid compared to the other. The key is to produce a symmetric result.

What is double eyelid surgery?

Usually double eyelid surgery refers to creating a crease in an Asian eyelid where there is a single lid (no crease seen). This may be performed by different techniques. Extra care and attention must be given to avoid an unnatural or asymmetric appearance.

Should I have eyelid surgery or a brow lift?

Eyelid surgery is typically safer, more predictable and cheaper than brow lifting procedures. Usually a low brow can be masked by a well performed eyelid surgery. The brow can even be lifted slightly through the incision of the lid surgery. True brow lifts from the hairline may result in asymmetry of a startled appearance.