Meet the Doctor

Dr. James R. Gordon | 04/07/2017

Who is Dr. Gordon? Click read to find out more about your eye doctor.


Three Areas on the Face You Can Improve with BOTOX® Injections

Dr. James R. Gordon | 06/09/2024

Discover how targeting BOTOX® injections on certain facial areas can revitalize your look and boost your confidence.


How Does Restylane® Differ From Other Dermal Fillers?

Dr. James R. Gordon | 03/25/2024

Restylane® offers natural-looking, versatile, and immediate improvements for facial wrinkles, folds, and lost volume.


Insider Tips: 5 Ways to Look Great without Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. James R. Gordon | 09/23/2017

So you're not ready for surgery, but you do want to look younger.. Read on to find out your non-surgical options!


Taking Better Selfies

Dr. James R. Gordon | 08/01/2017

Selfies are all the rage these days! Take a peek into this article to get the most out of yours!


The Beauty in Your Eyes

Dr. James R. Gordon | 07/27/2017

Learn about how I change lives with blepharoplasty!


Key Pointers on Asian Eyelid Surgery

Dr. James R. Gordon | 06/19/2017

Learn about cosmetic eyelid surgery and the important differences of this procedure on Asian eyelids.


The 5 Steps of Laser Skin Resurfacing

Dr. James R. Gordon | 05/14/2017

The skin on your face and around your eyes is the skin the world sees most. See how Laser Skin Resurfacing can help you!


When Does Insurance Cover Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery?

Dr. James R. Gordon | 03/17/2017

I often get asked about the question of insurance. Here’s the easiest way to understand how insurance for eyelid surgery is determined.


Dark Circles? Causes and Treatments

Dr. James R. Gordon | 02/21/2017

Even though it's Monday morning, hearing "you look tired" is never a compliment. Whether they're tired or not, the dark blue shadows don't go away.


Top 5 Reasons to Explore Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Dr. James R. Gordon | 01/14/2017

Look at these 4 ways in which cosmetic eyelid surgery may benefit you!


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