When Does Insurance Cover Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery?

In my practice, I often get asked about the question of insurance. When does eyelid surgery get covered by insurance. Here’s the easiest way to understand how insurance for eyelid surgery is determined:

When Does Insurance Cover Eyelid Surgery?

  1. When there is redundant skin from the upper eyelid, non cosmetic, superior field cut

  2. When the treatment is for upper eyelids

  3. When the eyelid is closing

How Is Coverage Determined?

  1. First, I take a photograph of the patient’s eyes from the front and sides

  2. This provides a "visual field result" which is sent to the insurance company

  3. They use those test results to determine who is eligible for coverage

Once the insurance company determines eligibility, we can move forward with the procedures. Of course, not all procedures are eligible for coverage. In that case, most offices offer a variety of solutions.

Start first with a free consultation and then go from there. You could be eligible for coverage and not even know it!

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