The Beauty in Your Eyes


Growing up in the world of Opthalmology, I have been acutely aware of the appearance of people's eyes. How they smiled, how they laughed, how they faced the world.

I found that the confidence people have within themselves shows through the look in their eyes.

If they were happy, sad, ready, or scared, I could see it.


One of the most rewarding kinds of eyelid surgery is blepharoplasty: the kind of surgery that lifts bags away from above or below the eye. Patients who have blepharoplasty always comment to me how refreshed they are.

They don’t look tired anymore, they don’t feel embarrassed anymore, and they are ready to face the world.

You Smile With Your Eyes

When you are happy, your smile will start in your eyes and spread across your face. Those eyes are what you share with the world, what you communicate to the world, and where the beauty begins.

I am honored to be a cosmetic eyelid specialist, because I have the opportunity to give people back their confidence, joy, and the beauty in their eyes.

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