Dark Circles? Causes and Treatments

"You look tired."

Even though it's Monday morning, hearing "you look tired" is never a compliment. If you have ever-present dark circles, it can be a comment that you hear often.

Thousands of people apply makeup every day to cover up their nagging dark circles. Whether they're tired or not, the dark blue shadows don't go away. I have treated many people with dark circles in my practice and I always share this advice with them:

Dark Circle Treatment

3 Main Causes of Dark Circles:

  1. There are under eye bags on the lower lid that are casting shadow down

  2. There is irregular pigmentation such as freckles, uneven skin tone, or sun damage

  3. There are blood vessels under the skin causing the appearance of dark circles

Dark Circle Treatments:

If you are getting tired of applying concealer every morning, you might be considering some treatment options. There are options for treatment of the first two causes.

  1. Remove the under eye bags or raise the cheeks by adding a filler. This smooths out the area and removes the shadow cast.

  2. Perform a laser treatment on the pigmentation, evening out the skin tone and removing the appearance of dark circles.

If the dark circles are caused by blood vessels, then it is best to cover them cosmetically, since the surgical treatments available aren’t as effective for this type of case.

Look Awake and Rejuvenated

Dark circle treatment is a simple procedure that can save you a lot of time and bring a new level of confidence. If you have been irritated by dark circles for some time now, and would like to understand their cause and treatment options, contact our office for a free consultation.

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