Dr. Gordon's Guide to Injectables & Fillers

Let's face it, aging is inevitable. For years face lifts and similar procedures were the only way to restore a youthful appearance. Until injectables and fillers revolutionized the beauty world with a fast, easy, non-invasive approach to anti-aging. Whether you're concerned with volume loss in your cheeks, lines between your brows, under-eye hollows, or the wrinkles and folds around your mouth injectables and fillers have quickly become one of the most requested cosmetic treatments today. There are a number of options that address a wide range of concerns. So, it's important to be well educated and informed before deciding which injectables or fillers are right for you. The first and most important step is choosing the right doctor. While any doctor can call themselves Board Certified, a true specialist is one that is actually Board Certified in Plastic Surgery. Put your mind at ease by checking your doctors training, credentials, license and Board Certification. Next, you need to determine if you're a good candidate for the treatment. A good candidate is one who has realistic expectations, and one who is willing to follow the doctors pre- and post-treatment plan to a T. This should be determined during your consultation. You should be prepared to have an open and honest conversation with your doctor. The more you're able to clearly express your expectations, the easier it will be for your doctor to exceed them. With so many injectable and filler options available today it's important to discuss your specific concerns with your doctor who has the expertise to determine the right approach for you. Typically, a combination of injectables and fillers yields the most dramatic, yet natural looking results. This video will educate you on some of the options your doctor might discuss with you. If your biggest concern is smoothing out lines that result from repeat facial movements such as smiling, frowning and squinting neurotoxins may be the best option. These work by blocking the nerve receptors on muscles to smooth out and soften lines and wrinkles. Restoring a youthful appearance. Hyaluronic Acid Fillers are an excellent way to fill in and plump up wrinkles and folds on your face, and add volume to features that look flat or sunken in. Especially on the cheeks, lips, tear troughs, temples and jaw line. If you suffer from lost volume and are looking to plump up the affected areas and smooth out your skin calcium-based and poly-l-lactic acid fillers may be the right option for you. Prompting your body to produce new collagen these fillers smooth skin while also increasing volume in those troubled areas that develop over time. Even though injectables and fillers are non-invasive anti-aging procedures you should still gather all of the necessary information in order to help you make an informed decision. The more you share with your doctor the more likely you are to be pleased with the final results. So make sure you clearly communicate what you want, and more importantly what you don't want. Your doctor should put your mind at ease during your consultation, so don't be afraid to ask questions. Anticipating your results is the fun part. But it's important to understand potential complications, alternative options, and recovery time should you decide to move forward with the treatment. Don't forget to ask these questions during your consultation. Don't be afraid to ask about additional fees or payment plans. Once all of your options are discussed, and your questions are answered it's time to book your appointment.