Part 2: Goodbye Smile Lines by Dr. Gordon

Patient: I absolutely love how my lids look. Now, I've asked Dr. Gordon to do my smile lines. Dr. Gordon: All right. Let's do the nasolabial folds. These are the smile lines, particularly good for Restylane Refyne. Nice and easy. You have a little indent there, a little groove. I mark out where I wanna inject. I don't wanna go up to the nose 'cause you can cause some serious problems so I go a little bit behind that area. Inject in. You have to be right at the right plane or the product disappears very quickly, or it goes too deep and does nothing. Nice. All right. Take a look at that one side real quick. Watch the difference. See how good that looks. Patient: Awesome. Dr. Gordon: Take a look in the mirror. Patient: Great. Dr. Gordon: Look at the difference. Patient: Wow. Dr. Gordon: Not much bleeding at all. Pretty good.