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Award-winning oculofacial plastic surgeon and board certified Ophthalmologist, Dr. James Gordon has combined his specialized expertise in Ophthalmology and Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery to develop Drop N' Lift - an innovative method of creating an instant eyelift with eye drops. This non-invasive procedure can be performed in the convenience of Dr. Gordon’s plastic surgery offices in Westchester County or New York City. Drop N' Lift is an effective alternative to eyelid surgery for:

  • Patients with droopy eyelids who wish to enjoy a quick eyelift for the day
  • Patients who want to get a preview of potential results prior to having surgery
  • Patients whose condition is not severe enough to require surgical repair, but still need immediate eyelid correction

About The Procedure

Dr. Gordon uses Drop N' Lift as a standard treatment for patients with ptosis who want instant gratification without the pain, downtime, and cost of surgery. Now with Drop N' Lift, patients with over-hanging eyelids can enjoy a quick eyelift for the day without going under the knife. “This is also a great alternative for patients whose condition is not severe enough to require surgical intervention, but would like to experience immediate eyelid correction,” says Dr. Gordon.

During/After The Procedure

Drop N' Lift can be administered daily to maintain the results of the eyelid lift. Dr. Gordon will teach his patients how to apply the eye drops and how often it should be performed. Patients will receive eye drops after their procedure and continue their treatment at home.

Expected Cost

Dr. Gordon's exclusive Drop N' Lift procedure costs $250 for evaluation and treatment.  One session will open the eyes immediately and lasts for 8 - 10 hours. 

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From $250
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Average Procedure Time  
5 - 15 Minutes
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1 - 2 Weeks
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Drop N' Lift FAQs

Great Results?

Dr. Gordon has treated hundreds of patients with this non-invasive option. All of Dr. Gordon's patients were happy and amazed with their results in the "blink of an eye". View our before and after pictures of the Drop N’ Lift procedure. Each after picture was taken only minutes after patient experienced the technique.

Eyelid Surgery?

While Drop N’ Lift gives fast results without the drawbacks of surgery, it is not a permanent solution. However, some patients may consider having Drop N’ Lift before they schedule an eyelid surgery to get a preview of their potential “after” results prior to the procedure. 

Correcting Ptosis?

As many as half of the patient population who undergo ptosis repair develop drooping of the opposite eyelid after surgery. Drop N' Lift can help Dr. Gordon determine which patients will need the operation of the contralateral side after surgery on the first lid.

*Stock images are models. Case photos are actual patients of Dr. Gordon. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.