Youthful & Natural Look by Expert Injector, Dr. Gordon

Dr. Gordon: Hi. What brings you in today? Patient: Hi. How are you- Dr. Gordon: Good. Patient: ... Dr. Gordon? I'm here for under-eye hollow treatment. It makes me look so tired. Dr. Gordon: Right. You are a little bit dark underneath here. I think you could use a teeny bit in the cheek too, just to give a little more of a tug upwards because you kind of are falling down here. I'll keep it natural, we'll just do a slight bit. You also have a shadow here because you're losing a bit of tissue, so to fill it in, it'll just bring you back to where you were. Patient: Okay, that sounds good to me. Dr. Gordon: Sounds good? Okay. Patient: Yes. Dr. Gordon: Close your eyes. In the cheek here, it's depressed. It goes just right there. All right, next to it. [inaudible 00:00:45] a little bit more here. Okay, close your eyes. So, knowing the anatomy is important so you don't get really any bleeding. So, like I told you, I think it's best to undercorrect it the first time, and we'll do a little touch-up. You ready to take a look? Patient: Yes. Dr. Gordon: Look in your mirror. Patient: Wow, there's a difference. Right? Dr. Gordon: Right. And, we still have half the syringe left. Patient: Oh, yeah. Whoa. Yeah, that's cool. Dr. Gordon: Okay. Patient: Wow. I like it.