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Juvéderm XC is a smooth-consistency injectable gel that restores volume to the skin and smooths away moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. It is made of hyaluronic acid (HA), a sugar that occurs naturally in the body. In terms of the skin, HA's role is to deliver nutrients and hydration, and act as a cushioning agent. Young, healthy skin contains a lot of HA, but factors that include aging and sun exposure reduce the amount, causing skin to lose structure and volume. Oculofacial plastic surgeon Dr. James Gordon is well known for his expertise in refined injection techniques that restores volume and rejuvenates the aging face. Dr. Gordon is also one of 3% of doctors qualified as an ExpertInjector™ by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS).

About The Procedure

After discussing the patient’s medical history, concerns, and goals for the procedure in the initial consultation, Dr. Gordon will develop the patient’s unique treatment plan. Dr. Gordon completes most Juvéderm treatments in about 15 minutes in his well-equipped minor procedures room. Juvéderm is often used to treat smile lines, vertical lip lines, and other moderate to severe wrinkles on the face.

During/After The Procedure

Patients should expect to have side effects, like redness and swelling for the first 3 – 5 days after the treatment. Dr. Gordon advises patients to avoid strenuous activities for the first week and to return for a follow up appointment in 1 – 2 weeks so he can check the patient’s recovery and results.

Expected Cost

A Juvéderm treatment can cost between $750 and $1,400, depending on the amount of Juvéderm used during the session. Dr. Gordon will be able to give a better estimate of costs after hearing the patient’s concerns and examining their face during the initial consultation.

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Average Cost  
$750 - $1,400
Recovery Time  
3 - 5 Days
Average Procedure Time  
15 Minutes
Post-op Follow-up  
1 - 2 Weeks
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Juvéderm FAQs

Lasting Results?

Juvéderm treatments create natural looking results that can last up to 1 year. Most patients schedule touch-up injections to maintain their results. Touch-up treatments tend to use fewer syringes than the original treatment, but this varies in each patient.

Treated Areas?

Juvéderm XC is most effective in improving the appearance of nasolabial folds, the lines that run from the bottom of the nose to the corner of the mouth on both sides of the face.

Original Vs. XC?

Unlike the original Juvéderm injectable gel, Juvéderm XC is infused with lidocaine to make its injection more comfortable.

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